Are you ready to learn how to shape the change you seek NOW and  create the freedom and happiness you long for?


The Courage Challenge is the step by step solution that takes your fear and self-belief from enemy to opportunity.


Does COVID life and the uncertainty it brings have you feeling overwhelmed, lost and more afraid than ever?


You feel afraid of slowing down, afraid of keeping up, afraid of holding on, and afraid of letting go all at the same time.


There’s an internal battle going on (do you feel it?), it’s the resistance between that change you long for and the fear you feel that stands in your way.


Right now you feel stuck, you're longing for the life you are worthy of, but it feels out of reach.


You're tired of fear blocking the space between what you want and taking action.


You're exhausted by the internal conversation that's telling you all the reasons why you can't, when deep down, trust me, you can.


Here’s my promise to you: I’m going to teach you that fear is not your barrier, it’s the doorway to the growth and happiness you seek in your life.

Hi, I’m Penny,


I used to let fear hold me back and I came to realise all it was doing was leaving possibility and happiness on the table.


I remember when I left the safety of my past life, as an executive in a global giant, to start my journey as an entrepreneur and thinking:


  • What the hell have I done? 
  • What makes me think I am capable of creating my dream of positively impacting the lives of others? 
  • I have no idea what I’m doing. 
  • Perhaps I have made the wrong decision.
  • Maybe I should go back.


But I learnt the secret to drowning out that limiting inner voice, and unlocking the life I wanted lay in cultivating a courage practice.


  • Created the freedom to design every day in a way that is completely in alignment with the things that amplify my happiness and my energy

  • Created a globally renowned business teaching thousands around the world how to intentionally adapt in order to hack their happiness

        • Been announced as one of the most Influential Female Entrepreneurs in Australia by The Age and the Sydney Morning Herald

        • Delivered a Ted Talk on why Fear Is Your Future

        • Been invited to speak at Google in Silicon Valley

        • Receive a book publishing deal and write my first book Hacking Happiness

        • Sell the rights to my first book so that it can be turned into a TV series

        • Written my first article for the Harvard Business Review


        Because I’d been conditioned (like so many of us) to believe that fear should be used as an alarm bell to run away rather than lean into possibility.


        I’d never been taught how to harness fear in my mind and in my body as a means to identify and act on what truly matters to me.


        I’d never been shown how to practice courage in order to build my self-confidence and align my life to more of what lights me up.


        Making it unimaginable that I was capable of making all of these things happen… even if I wanted to.

        Why am I telling you this?


        Because clearly, my courage practice has enabled me to prove that I am more than capable of living my most courageous life


        ... and the reality is, you are too and I’m here to prove it to you!


        I’ve now taught thousands around the world how to practice courage, amplify their self-belief and build skill in taking meaningful action when fear presents... and the impact has been transformative.


        This is a question I asked myself at the beginning of my Hacking Happiness journey and it drove the development of a courage practice that transformed my life, and now enables me to support others in doing the same.


        The reality is that we are capable of so much more than we realise. Your fears hold the greatest opportunity to align your life towards more of what matters to you.

        Yet sadly, for many of us this potential and possibility is never realised because we allow our fear to act as a barrier between what we want, and taking action.


        Don't let this be you!


        If you're seeking a practical step by step guide and toolkit to stop fear from paralysing your progress and your happiness, you've landed in the right place!

        An 8 week transformative challenge-based program that I’ve personally designed to teach you (in bite-sized pieces) how to embrace fear and use it as a lever to shape the change you want in your life NOW!


        Learn the practice of getting comfortable with discomfort and experience the freedom and fulfilment that comes with it.


        My aim is not to teach you how to get rid of fear - that's neither possible nor healthy. I'm here to support you in reframing your attitude towards fear and unlocking courageous action around the things that matter most to you!

        But don’t just take my word for it. Here is what past participants have to say about their Courage Challenge experience...

        The Courage Challenge encouraged me to be the person I want to be, by leaning into the parts of life that scare me. It has shown me that fear provides opportunity.


        Penny completely reframed what fear is, how I can use it to my advantage and what the cost is of avoiding it. After completing the program, I now see fear as not something to avoid,
        but something to lean into
        and embrace.


        Penny’s down to earth manner and easy to implement hacks showed me how I can face into my fears to achieve what is important to me. She helped me develop my new definition of fear. “Fear is an alert to something that is fundamentally important to me. It indicates the potential to be empowered, contented, energetic and fulfilled”.


        Previously, I really avoided fear. The Courage Challenge enabled me to reframe fear.  Now I look at what the fear is telling me and I say to myself "happiness is on the other side if I lean in".


        I absolutely loved the Courage Challenge! The lessons are excellent, the member portal very easy to navigate and the program set up, so it's easy to follow each day. I would highly recommend the Courage Challenge for anyone who has an uncomfortable or avoidant relationship with fear (like me). 


        As a recovering perfectionist,
        the program enabled me to see imperfect experimentation, progress and learning,
        not perfection, as the
        goalposts against which I will measure my success.




        I wanted to make it as easy and as accessible as possible for those ready to build their self-belief and ability to lean into fear in a way that unlocks a life in alignment. That’s why this program is designed a little differently.

        • Courageous Community & Accountability

          I'm consistently told the number 1 thing that would be most helpful in making the change I seek would be the support of those who get it, because they are in it with me! The Courage Challenge WhatsApp Group is where we connect in between lessons. This is a safe space where we experiment with our most courageous selves, cheer each other on, and inspire each other through our actions.

        • Experiential Challenges

          Together we will undertake 15 micro challenges that will transform how you look at fear and use it to shape the change you seek. 

        • Lessons You Can Squeeze Into A Lunch Break 

          Throughout the program there will be 9 LIVE learning lessons, 2 LIVE Hot Seat Coaching sessions, Courageous Yoga practice, and 1 bonus session with a special guest. Each of these sessions is designed to be completed in the time it takes for a lunch break, leaving no excuses for not prioritising you and your growth.

        • You Won’t Miss A Session

          Each live lesson will be recorded, so if you miss one, you can watch it at a time that works for you.  

        • Lifetime Access

          All program materials will be available to you for the lifetime of the program. Making it easy for you to continue your courage practice after the cohort journey has ended. You'll also have access to all future updates, add-ons and extras!

        • Holistic Experimentation

          Being courageous means being open to trying new things. The Courage Challenge is designed to connect your mind and your body to the energy and opportunity that courageous action enables. Experiment with journaling, mindfulness, visualisation, yoga, breathing, and much more.



        Strap yourself in as together we are going on a journey that will create the space and the self-belief to unlock a more courageous YOU!

        • Build courageous foundations by bringing intention to the forefront of how you adapt and by clearly defining what courage looks like on your terms.

        • Hold the mirror up to your current level of courage and identify where your greatest opportunities for growth lie.

        • Lean in to more of what makes you feel good and let go of limiting beliefs.

        • Challenge your attitude towards fear and open your mind to looking at fear through a new lens, one that enables you to step into meaningful action. 

        • Build your self-belief and your resilience through the daily practice of getting comfortable with discomfort.

        • Reframe failure and rejection. Learn how to let go of the inner perfectionist that paralyses action, and embrace the role of an Imperfect Experimenter to unlock untapped potential and happiness.

        • Learn how to use your words as a tool to empower you to take intentional action when fear presents.

        • Create a Fear(less) Plan and feel ready to navigate intentionally any fear that stands between what you want and taking action.

        The practices you will embed as part of this transformative program will enable you to feel more courageous, more often, inviting opportunity, growth, and energy into your life.




        9 LIVE lessons designed to teach you how to unlock your most courageous self.

        VALUE $891 USD

        LESSON 1

        Courageous Connection

        Learn the power of surrounding yourself with people who understand where you are at because they are on the journey with you. Feel supported, energised and excited to get started.
        NOTE: Courageous Connection is foundational to your success, which is why this lesson requires all program participants to attend LIVE.

        LESSON 2

        Courageous Foundations

        If you can't see it, you can't be it.

        In this lesson we ground ourselves in what courage looks and feels like for you and why it is critical to living life wholeheartedly.

        LESSON 3

        Fear Through A Different Lens

        In this lesson we challenge our belief system around fear and open our minds to a new perspective. A perspective that will enable you to step into meaningful action when fear presents.

        LESSON 4

        The Practice Of Getting Comfortable With Discomfort

        Sounds great, everyone says we need to do it but how? This is where we kick start you into action through the introduction of a simple daily practice that will enable you to experiment with fear in a way that amplifies your courage and confidence…motivating you to lean into bigger acts of courage over time.

        LESSON 5

        Finding Your Courageous Voice

        The language you use determines your ability to make change, so, that’s where we focus in this lesson. We’ll explore your attitude toward fear, identify where it is holding you back and learn how to reframe your words to embrace fear as a lever for positive action.

        LESSON 6

        Permission To Fail

        In this lesson you will learn how to let go of the inner perfectionist and embrace the possibility that lies on the other side of Imperfect Experimentation. Reframe your mindset around failure and walk out the door with the permission to try the very thing that you’ve been afraid of failing.

        LESSON 7

        Fear(less) You

        In this lesson we bring it all together by providing you with a simple and practical process to tackle whatever fears come your way, enabling you to step out into the world ready to level up your courage practice.

        LESSON 8

        Rejection Therapy

        If you don't ask, you don't get. Yet many of us let the fear of a NO (rejection) stop us from asking for what we really want. In this lesson you will learn how to love a NO and get after the opportunities you've longed for.

        LESSON 9

        Courageous Commitment

        This is where we bring it all together and commit to how we will use what we have learnt to own our most courageous selves, and the feeling of f**k yeh I can do this.

        NOTE: Courageous Commitment is critical to your success, which is why this lesson requires all program participants to attend LIVE.


        2 X LIVE Coaching Hot Seat Sessions. These sessions enable you to practice your most courageous self by sharing your questions LIVE and having me coach you in front of your peers. Participants will pre-submit their questions and self-nominate for the Coaching Hot Seat. Three nominations will be selected for the Hot Seat opportunity and I will endeavour to answer all other questions live or via the WhatsApp group if time does not permit.

        VALUE $198 USD

        • Your very own Experimenter's Companion: This is your complete program workbook jam packed with challenges, reflection activities and experiments to enable you to turn insight into action after every lesson. VALUE $79 USD


        • Courageous Community and accountability via your exclusive WhatsApp Group. This is a safe space to: experiment with courageous action, learn from your peers and cheer each other on. VALUE PRICELESS


        • 3 BONUS audio training sessions: 

          Fear Journaling: learn how to use journaling to explore your fear in a way that is constructive rather than destructive.


          Intention Setting: learn how to use the power of visualisation to set a clear intention to guide any change you seek.


          Courageous Mindfulness: Leverage this simple mindfulness practice to experiment with something new and feel empowered to step into your most courageous self.

          VALUE $87 USD


        • Courageous Yoga: Join me for a movement-based courage practice to help you connect with and leverage the feeling of courage in your body. VALUE $29 USD


        • PLUS access to all program materials including live recordings, updates and add ons for the lifetime of the program. 


        Here’s a taste of the live schedule so that you can see what’s on when. Whilst lessons 1 and 9 are mandatory to ensure we are all set for success, know that all other lessons will be recorded for you to watch when you can!


        9 LIVE lessons VALUE $891 USD

        2 LIVE Coaching Hotseats VALUE $198 USD

        1 Experimenter's Companion VALUE $79 USD

        3 Bonus Audio Trainings VALUE $87 USD

        1 Courageous Yoga Practice VALUE $29 USD

        Courageous Community & Accountability PRICELESS

        The TOTAL VALUE of everything inside the Courage Challenge is $1284 USD

        But my life's purpose is to enable those ready to do the work to unlock their potential whilst amplifying their mental wealth.


        Which is why you can join me on

        The Courage Challenge

        for just

        $547 USD (if you are fully waged)


        $487 USD (if your income has been significantly impacted by COVID)




        • Level up your self-belief

        • Remove fear as a barrier between what you want and taking action

        • Gave you permission to try what you thought you couldn’t in the service of a life lived in alignment

        • Unlocked the door to growth, energy and greater happiness 

        …would it be worth $547 USD to you?

        Just imagine what it would look and feel like to unlock your most courageous self. Close your eyes and visualise fear as your friend, rather than your foe.


        What do you see, what is possible, where are you, what are you doing, who are you with?


        Now open your eyes and know that this doesn’t just have to be a part of your imagination, it can be a part of your reality. I’m not saying it’s easy, but it’s totally possible and making the decision to join me on The Courage Challenge today is the first step.


        Simply click the button below, fill in your details, and we’ll save your spot and shoot you all of the details to join us for kick off.


        • You're seeking to amplify your self-belief, your resilience and ability to bring more of the things that light you up into each day and you're willing to do the work to make it happen

        • You're ready to get out of your own way, and lean into the life you deserve 

        • You’re ready to explore your fear in a way that is constructive rather than destructive

        • You're ready to let go of your fear of not being good enough, your limiting beliefs, your constant comparison to others, perfectionism and lean into your true potential

        • You want a simple step-by-step process and support structure that makes leaning into fear fun

        Frequently Asked Questions

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        When does the program start and finish?

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        How long will I have access to the program for?

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        When will the live sessions be?

        Checkout the program calendar (link below) to find all the dates and details for live sessions

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